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  curiousmuch 46c0205da9 updated for TNC command support 11 months ago
  curiousmuch 694aa4044a Fixed carrier sense issue. Note carrier sense is still based on HDLC flag detection and not RSSI 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 4e1a9839fc got every nearly working except carrier sense 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 91fe0ce143 refactored a crap ton....lots of testing required 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 9027145535 working to update all files 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 67978002f1 cleaned up board.h 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 847b04a1ed Revised to use component structure. It's highly likely I broke something 1 year ago
  curiousmuch f6581ff658 Optimized RF settings. Create basic link from SPP code to TNC 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 9bab5db4ff Fixed TX and RX. There is currently a bug as the SPI comms is shared between two tasks, SPI will fail due to two taskes accessing the SPI device 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 361ab544d5 Took new RF register settings for RX and TX from SmartRF studio 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 7c2c356d23 Issues with Transmission need to be fixed. I believe the extra RX configuration registers are breaking the setup. Need to switch TX timing to ESP-Timer based configuration 1 year ago
  curiousmuch 6268ed8fab commiting before I integrate latest changes on desktop 1 year ago
  curiousmuch fd45a758fe Switch RX sampling trigger to internal clock and switch RX mode to transparent. This needs to be implmented for TX. 1 year ago
  curiousmuch c0977ee8ed Fixed RX AFSK + TX. Still issues. 1 year ago
  curiousmuch b5a5262ef8 RX tone detection is working, but it's causing a Queue Assert failure which results in the entire bloody thing crashing? I believe the RX TX functionality needs to be split into two different tasks. Progress :). Another sad note. The frequency calculation is eating a tone of time. I needed to reduce the sample rate to 6kHz to keep up. I haven't tested with noise, but from the sig gen it seems reliableeven at -110dBm. I don't know what the voice FM equilvents are. 1 year ago
  curiousmuch b56fd06dcf Add a bunch of stuff for RX, but broke TX :O :/ :) 1 year ago