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This library will eventually be resposible for providing a uniform interface for measurement equipment calibartion and control. This will be used for automated scripting of tests.


- [x] Develop scripts to use nanoVNAV2 H4
- [ ] Develop metaclass which will import correct subclass based on argument (class factory)
- [ ] Document VNA classes
- [ ] Optimize VNA calibration proceedure and get away from "datapoints" 
- [x] Turn curiousVNA into a submodule / python package (That's Curious Measurements, yay!)
- [ ] Add analog discovery support 
- [ ] Add sig gen support using <insert option here>
- [ ] Add oscilloscope support using signlent 
- [ ] Ass powersupply support 

VNA Example

from curiousmeasurements.VNA.NanoVNA_V2 import NanoVNA_V2_H4 
from curiousmeasurements.VNA.Hardware import get_interfaces

# setup interface
iface = get_interfaces()[0]
vna = NanoVNA_V2_H4(iface)

# configure sweep

# load cal 
vna.load_cal(cal_path / '')

# measure 
f, s11, s21 = vna.measure()


  1. NanoVNA code (for calibration mainly) was shamelessly ripped from the NanoVNA-Saver project. Thanks guys!